For me, I go through a process. Any process, as long as it has lots of steps. Rebuild my computer, from the case up. Fantasize about my "man cave", how it will be set up (plasma screen, pool table, home theater system, etc). Generally it's something that I like or enjoy... long before I "finish" whatever project in my… » 7/27/06 10:18am 7/27/06 10:18am

I usually start out with "I'm a grammar nazi" and then I say "you mean, I've never eaten there". Usually they're laughing over my "grammar nazi" and take it well. After that, then it's easy, I can just continue to make corrections, because they KNOW how I am. Granted, it seldom corrects the behavior, but it does make… » 7/14/06 11:23am 7/14/06 11:23am