For me, I go through a process. Any process, as long as it has lots of steps. Rebuild my computer, from the case up. Fantasize about my "man cave", how it will be set up (plasma screen, pool table, home theater system, etc). Generally it's something that I like or enjoy... long before I "finish" whatever project in my… » 7/27/06 10:18am 7/27/06 10:18am

I usually start out with "I'm a grammar nazi" and then I say "you mean, I've never eaten there". Usually they're laughing over my "grammar nazi" and take it well. After that, then it's easy, I can just continue to make corrections, because they KNOW how I am. Granted, it seldom corrects the behavior, but it does make… » 7/14/06 11:23am 7/14/06 11:23am

Gizmodo Skypecast: T-Mobile Execs Bare All on the SK3

Ok. Big change today. We're lucky enough to get two T-Mobile execs, Sam Bell, senior marketing manager, and Jeff Folino, senior manager of product development for the Sidekick, who are willing to tell us all about the SK3. The Skypecast will be at 4:30pm EDT today and the link is here. Sorry for the late notice, but… » 6/30/06 11:05am 6/30/06 11:05am

Samsung BD-P1000 Unboxing

I haven't gotten a chance to try this puppy out with real BRDs yet, but this is Samsung's first Blu-Ray player and it has all the fit and finish of a fine Saab or maybe a Volvo. We're not talking Ferrari, here, but you wouldn't kick it out of bed for eating crackers. » 6/30/06 11:03am 6/30/06 11:03am

Sharp Releases Fax Machine That Records Calls

As a man who curses out fax machines with reckless abandon, I'm actually quite concerned about this new system from Sharp. These fax machines will record up to 45 seconds of any voice calls made to the machine for later perusal and/or for serving restraining orders. » 6/30/06 9:48am 6/30/06 9:48am

Service for Agoraphobics Makes Trees Laugh

This is just about the most—erm...—intriguing set of design projects I've seen in a while. They showed three projects at the Royal College of Art show this year. First, pictured here, is a phone for autophobics, folks who are scared of being alone. The system allows them to talk to themselves so no one else can hear. » 6/30/06 9:48am 6/30/06 9:48am

Gizmodo SkypeCast: Aaron Keogh of Matrixstream

The Matrixstream set-top platform streams 1080P H.264 video over IP. We'll talk to Aaron Keogh to figure out how they heck they're doing it. Click here at 1pm EDT tomorrow, June 30 to listen in and ask some hard-hitting questions (e.g. "What's a TV?" and "Where can I buy new shorts?"). » 6/29/06 6:43pm 6/29/06 6:43pm

Solar Tent

Get all "Inconvenient Truth" on your campmate's asses with this solar tent. It has a set of panels that capture and store the precious rays of the sun to power interior LED lighting or to recharge your batteries. » 6/29/06 5:29pm 6/29/06 5:29pm

SensaTronics EM 1

We saw this yesterday at the suck-tacular C3 Expo here in New York and were pretty impressed. I'm sure the IT geeks out there already know all about this thing, but the EM 1 is an environmental sensor with its own Ethernet interface. You plug it into your network and it sense humidity and temperature as well as water… » 6/29/06 5:28pm 6/29/06 5:28pm

COGNITRON: It Feels Your Pain

This whole release is pretty weird—lots of rhetorical questions and little meat—but Dr. Raja Chatila of the French Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique is working on a robot system called the COGNITRON designed specifically to help us with our every day tasks. » 6/29/06 4:30pm 6/29/06 4:30pm

Edgewing Pain Preventers

The Edgewing is a little hunk of plastic that sticks to your desk and offers a bit of wrist support for heavy mousing. While it is niether amazing or super cool, it actually works. I slapped one to my desk today and it's quite comfortable. You can buy one or two or get them with your business logo on there for… » 6/29/06 2:40pm 6/29/06 2:40pm

Nokia Metal Detecting Phone Patent

This isn't a real product yet, but it seems that Nokia has a patent for a metal-detecting phone. While it was originally designed to assist folks with bad hearing, the induction coil in the phone can double as a metal detector for wanding down your friends and neighbors. Don't look for this in the next E61, however,… » 6/29/06 2:31pm 6/29/06 2:31pm